Free Signal


  • Album Name: Free Signal
  • Artist Name: Beanbag
  • Release Date: 1999


The four young men collectively known as Beanbag are Phil, 28, who plays drums; Hunz, 22, who is the voice of Beanbag; Hirvey, 22, who plays bass; and Michael, 23, who plays guitar. Individually, the band members have very disparate musical tastes. They listen to everything from classical and jazz to punk, shoe-gazer, alternative, female folk artists, funk, disco, new wave, techno and metal. But it's what they all put into the band that comes out in the music. "It's not like we go out to write a heavy rap song, or whatever," Hirvey said. "We all jam together and what we come up with is here. We're more into what suits the music and not about finding something that is considered really cool." That approach to making music made Beanbag unique in the Brisbane scene, who said they were surprised when they got into American music and discovered, "there's a heap of bands like us over here."