Inpop Records Signs V.Rose

VR_InpopSite_ArtistImage.jpgLos Angeles-based singer V.Rose, has signed with Nashville’s Inpop Records, which will release her new album this fall. V.Rose signed with Clear Sight Music in 2011 and proceeded to release two solo albums, V.Rose and Forever After.

She also played a large role on the label’s Jesus or Nothing compilation.

“We have the most amazing relationship with Clear Sight still,” V.Rose’s manager, Spec, who discovered her at 15, said. “This is not V.Rose leaving Clear Sight Music. This is a sendoff. She just has the potential to be huge and get into other areas besides Christian Hip Hop (CHH), so Clear Sight and myself all thought [the move] would be better [in order] for V. to be the superstar that she is.

“With Lecrae and Reach Records doing what they’re doing, a lot of the Nashville CHR companies are looking for hip-hop artists, are looking for the urban market. This was a dope answer because V.Rose is the first lady of CHH, but she’s also pop.”

Spec explained that Inpop attracted them because the label had no interest in turning V.Rose into a contemporary Christian music act, but rather embraced her current sound.

“A big Nashville conglomerate is not ripping a part out of CHH and trying to exploit it,” Spec said. “They’re coming along and supporting … They’re just like, ‘We want to do what it is you do. We just want to put it on steroids.’”

Spec added that V.Rose and Flame will continue to work together — work that includes his upcoming album.


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