• Album Name: Recollection
  • Artist Name: Superchick
  • Release Date: 2014


Superchick has been one of Christian music’s most popular and relevant bands of the 2000s, often crossing the Christian line to have their songs being marketed in films, video games and TV shows around the world. Making their debut in 1999 at an Audio Adrenaline concert in front of around 5,000 people; it was the songs like ‘Anthem’, ‘Beauty from Pain’, ‘Stand in the Rain’, ‘Pure’ and ‘We Live’ that have captured listeners throughout their time as a band, and even now, despite the fact that the members of the band have decided to go their separate ways. With the decision to retire the band fuelled by the unfortunate passing of drummer Chase Lovelace, Superchick is sure to give us a great legacy as the years without them as a formal band continue to tick on by.