Salvation Station


  • Album Name: Salvation Station
  • Artist Name: Newworldson
  • Release Date: 2008


With a sound as diverse as its homeland, Newworldson is musically re-inventing what it means to be Canadian. The band, comprised of singer-songwriter Joel Parisien, drummer Mark Rogers, bassist Rich Moore and guitarist/vocalist Josh Toal, seamlessly weaves soul, funk, reggae and gospel into a unique tapestry. Hailing from Toronto, one of the world's most multi-cultural and integrated cities, the band was named after the New World, hinterland of the British, French and Spanish monarchies. Newworldson passionately underscores the spiritual content of its lyrics whenever they perform, encouraging fellow Christians to be committed to a life of outreach and evangelism and hoping to see all God's children united in praise, sharing fellowship and experiencing revival.