Wonderfully Made


  • Album Name: Wonderfully Made
  • Artist Name: The Waiting
  • Release Date: 2001


"We decided at the beginning that we wanted to make a record from a position of strength in Christ. We wanted to scream from the rooftops that we are full of joy; that we are happy and we are strong. I think we have done that." Lead singer of The Waiting, Brad Olsen describes the goal of the band's new album Wonderfully Made, the band's first studio album in three years. This project has been a long time coming for the band, and marks their first release on Inpop Records, as opposed to the past couple releases on Sparrow. As Olsen explained above, the album does radiate a sense of joy. They know their faults, they know life isn't a walk through Toys R Us, but they're happy, and it's obvious they want you to know and they want you to share in it too. "Wonderfully Made" celebrates God's creation in ourselves, pushing aside the self-consciousness and the low self-image to just rejoice in who God has made us to be. "Diamonds to Dust" is an upbeat pop tune with a Steven Curtis Chapman/Hokus Pick meets the Waiting jubilant feel to it. "Take Me As I Am" slows down things a bit for a worshipful ballad praising our God for taking us in just as we are. "What Else Can I Say" continues the thankful mood telling God "I love You, I love You, What else can I say? I love You, For You have brought me all this way."